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The Dirty Projectors new album, ‘Swing Low Magellan’ out July 10th!!
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Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan Stream OUT JULY 10TH ↘


The Guardian have a stream of the brilliant new album from Dirty Projectors. I became obsessed with Bitte Orca* when it first came out and still enjoy listening now. The band really are individual, the vocals are perfect yet again. I’ll be listening to this for the rest of the year, expect it on many end of year lists.

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New songs by some hot WMG artists to go along with this 90 degree weather! Have a listen

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Weekender Watch - $49
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a day devoid of worry from imagine on 8tracks.

a day devoid of worry

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If you haven’t heard “Myth” yet, it’s about time you do!! Check out this new song by Beach House!!

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JUST IN: Smugglers Way FlexiZine! Out April 21st- Record Store Day


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